4.0 School Services

Community Involvement


4.0 School Services goes that extra mile to become a part of your entire community. We believe in sharing our services with those in need and our record reflects that:

  • On three separate occasions, 4.0 School Services donated one truck, seven buses, one motor coach, and a trailer, along with staff volunteers, to deliver food and supplies to area shelters and food shelves for victims of Hurricane Katrina.
  • We have made donations to schools for Distinguished Student Awards and Scholarships.
  • We have sponsored the “Retiree and Years of Service” banquet at the Lafayette Club.
  • We have donated free and reduced transportation to many local churches.
  • We have donated to the local fire department.
  • We have provided free transportation for forty local realtors to learn
    the area and attend informational meetings for Realtors Day.
  • We have donated half of the transportation costs for the Senior Class Party for a local High School.
  • 4.0 School Services has supported the MSBOA since 1998.
  • 4.0 School Services went “green” in 2010 by retrofitting the fleets with emission reducing equipment.

With 4.0 School Services, you can feel good about gaining a beneficial partner for your schools, as well as a contributing supporter of your community.


Become A Community

If you're interested in learning more about our services CLICK HERE, or how to become a 4.0 Community please fill out our quick contact form and we will contact you soon!

Recent Testimonials

4.0 School Services has helped instill a high level of confidence by our parents in our transportation services. Their positive approach in providing quality transportation with strong customer service has made me realize we made the right decision to turn our transportation services over to them.

Wade McKittrick, Superintendent
Milroy Public Schools, ISD 635
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