As long as there have been public schools, educators have grappled with the issue of student transportation. Even as far back as 1910, many of them borrowed horse-drawn carts from local farmers to get children to and from school each day. Though the mode of transportation has improved since then, today’s school districts still struggle with financial, administrative, and operational issues when it comes to student transportation.

Fortunately, there’s 4.0 School Services.

Beginning as the Prairie Bus Service in 1994, we took an innovative approach to student transportation. Unlike many other private contractors, we considered every opportunity a potential partnership; a chance to serve the needs of the schools as well as the communities at large. We worked with administrators and educators, recognizing and resolving the challenges they faced every day. In fact, we developed a reputation throughout the state as “the company that is easy to do business with.”

As a result, in 2004, the National School Transportation Association (NSTA) awarded 4.0 founder/co-owner Mike Hennek with the prestigious Golden Merit Award for excellence in service, safety, and community.

Through the years, we have expanded not only our fleet, but also the types of services we offer. To better reflect this growth and our commitment to excellence, we changed our name to 4.0 School Services in 2005. From bussing to consulting, 4.0 School Services has a history of moving beyond transportation, offering school districts and the communities they serve the peace of mind that comes with worry-free, turn-key school service solutions.