Your First Stop For Bus Transportation Services

4.0 School Services earns high marks in all the areas that matter most. Back in 1994, 4.0 School Services took an innovative approach to student transportation. Unlike many other private contractors, we considered every opportunity a potential partnership; a chance to serve the needs of the schools as well as the communities at large. Today we’re proud to be an integral part of many Minnesota Communities.

4.0 School Services can provide you with:

  • AFFORDABLE TRANSPORTATION SOLUTIONS – Working within the limits of your budget to create an affordable solution for your district
  • ESSENTIAL ASSISTANCE – Handling every aspect of scheduling, route planning, labor issues, safety, security, and communication with parents
  • CLEAN, SAFE BUSES – Eliminating the need for the costly purchase and upkeep of your district’s own buses
  • TIME-SAVING SOLUTIONS – Maintaining our own fleet, thereby allowing you to focus on education instead of vehicle repair and maintenance
  • SAFETY – Ensuring the safety of your students by maintaining vehicle operation compliance with federal, state, and local policies and guidelines
  • A POSITIVE EXPERIENCE – Ensuring the first and last encounter of each child’s school day is a safe, secure, and positive experience
  • VETERAN DRIVERS – Often employing existing drivers who are experienced, a part of the community and already familiar with routes, parents and children
  • A COMMUNITY PARTNER – Becoming an integral part of your community by providing some services pro bono to community groups in need
  • VALUE-ADDED SERVICES – Going beyond transportation to offer your district affordable grounds keeping or transportation consultation services
  • A DEDICATED TEAM – Offering you the benefit of a customer-focused, award-winning and experienced staff who are passionate about their jobs

With 4.0 School Services, your district’s school bus transportation can become a hands-free operation, giving you the freedom to focus on education.